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Measle's Animal Haven Pit Bull Rescue and Sanctuary strives to always stand up for the voiceless, the pit bulls who offer unconditional love and who are under threat of genocide just because they were born with blocky heads.

Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is any ordinance that bans or regulates the ownership of a particular breed of dog. In Central Ohio, pit bulls are banned in Reynoldsburg and Bexley. BSL is short-sighted and ineffective for the following reasons:

  1. Dog control problems are people problems and are not limited to one breed. Singling out a breed of dog as vicious or banning them outright merely shifts the responsibility from the dog owner (where it belongs) to the breed of dog. This does not solve community dog problems.

  2. Banning a breed or declaring it inherently vicious punishes those responsible dog owners who are the type of upstanding taxpaying citizen that communities need to keep, not drive away.

  3. Communities that have instituted such bans often find that the irresponsible owners and the criminals who use dogs for illegal purposes simply ignore the laws. 

  4. Banning a breed punishes those dogs that are reliable community citizens, therapy dogs, assistance dogs for handicapped owners, search and rescue dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, police dogs, etc., and drives them out of the community. 

  5. Breeds and mixes are often difficult to identify. The American Veterinary Medical Association and several state veterinary medical associations are on record as opposing breed-specific legislation for just this reason.

  6. Passage of laws that are only enforced on complaint cause two problems: they create disrespect for the law if the authorities require compliance only upon complaint, and they provide ammunition for neighborhood feuds. In all cases, it is the dogs that suffer the consequences of ineffective and discriminatory legislation.

State of Ohio Breed-Specific Legislation:

NOTE: This is our interpretation of the codified ordinances for the municipalities listed. This list
was compiled by a layperson (not an attorney). If you have questions or need legal advice,
contact a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction.

  • Click here to view the state of Ohio Revised Code definition of dangerous and vicious dogs.

  • Click here to view the law defining how to contest/appeal if your dog is declared dangerous or vicious.

  • Click here to view the state of Ohio restrictions on dangerous or vicious dogs.

BSL and other Notable Animal Laws in Central Ohio Communities:

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