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Pit Bull Rescue and Sanctuary

what is a pit bull terrier?

We LOVE pit bull terriers!! The term pit bull originally referred to the American Pit Bull Terrier - a wonderful breed of dog that is the forefather of many dogs that, today, are referred to as "pit bull terriers" or "pit bull type dogs." More often, pit bull is used as generic terminology for several closely related breeds or, even less specifically, as any dog that looks remotely like a pit bull (blocky head, stocky body, etc.).

Many shelters use the term pit bull to identify any dog that looks like one, including the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, and also mixed breed dogs. Measle's Animal Haven Pit Bull Rescue and Sanctuary recognizes that because of prolific backyard breeding, it is often impossible to identify the exact breed(s) of the dogs we rescue, and we do not use genetic tests to identify breeds. Rather, we do not discriminate against any breed of dog...we rescue pit bull terriers, pit bull mixes, and senior dogs of all breeds when space is available in our foster homes.

Pit bull terriers are some of the most loving, loyal, friendly, and dedicated companions one can have. Like all dogs, pit bulls have a wide range of energy levels, from running partners to couch potatoes. We do not apply stereotypes to our rescued dogs, we treat each dog as the individual that he or she is.

All dogs, not just pit bull terriers, fall somewhere on a spectrum of dog tolerance, anywhere from totally dog social to truly dog aggressive. Our dogs are no different...some are social and friendly with new dogs as soon as they meet them and other dogs need to take things more slowly (or not at all). Most of the our rescued dogs live in multi-dog foster homes, and prefer the company of other well-matched dogs (and some even like cats).

All dog owners (not just those that own pit bulls) need to have common sense and to make sure they do not set their dogs up for failure by putting them in the wrong situations.

We strive to help you find the right addition for your family and we help with canine or feline introductions. We encourage our adopters to know and work within each dog’s limits, be a responsible dog owner, and let your dog's wonderful disposition dispel breed bias wherever you encounter it.