Measle's Animal Haven

Pit Bull Rescue and Sanctuary

about us

We have a dream that one day pit bulls will not be judged by their appearance, myths, or stereotypes...but rather by the content of their character......

Measle's Animal Haven Pit Bull Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue organization in Central Ohio. We are all volunteers. We focus on rescuing the most needy Pit Bulls the dogs that many other rescue groups will not take. These animals have the fewest rescue resources in Ohio and are so deserving of loving homes. When possible, we also rescue senior dogs of all breeds.

We do not have a shelter facility, so the number of animals we can take in is limited. All of our rescue dogs are kept in private foster homes. All are evaluated for health and temperament and are spayed/neutered and vetted prior to being adopted. We also administer any other veterinary care necessary for the health of the animal. When necessary, we rehabilitate pit bulls prior to placing them in loving and responsible "forever" homes.

Additionally, we provide permanent sanctuary (in our loving foster homes) for dogs that are not adoptable because of an incurable medical problem or unfixable behavioral issue. We are committed to keeping each pit bull we rescue safe and happy for their lifetime and for some dogs that means that they need to stay forever in our foster homes. NOTE: Over time, our dedication to this philosophy means that our foster homes house fewer "adoptable" dogs and more "sanctuary" dogs.

Additionally, as an organization, Measle's Animal Haven is committed to relieving the suffering of, preventing cruelty to, and reducing the number of homeless "pit bull type dogs" through the public dissemination of educational information, providing breed-specific education to the public and individuals, and spaying/neutering owned pit bulls through our PIT FIX program (when funds are available).

We strive to promote a positive image for pit bulls in the community by doing educational seminars and outreach, and always advocating spay/neuter, responsible pit bull ownership, and the humane treatment of all animals.

NOTE: The picture above was drawn by Steve Botts, a talented Central Ohio artist. Steve adopted the pit bull pictured, Rosie (formerly named "White Bitch" by the dogfighter that owned her), from us in 2012. As his text notes, her former owner forced Rosie to produce many puppies (destined to fight and die) and she suffered brain damage and a crushed hind leg that was never fixed. She lived on a heavy chain tethered outside 24/7/365 to a rusty barrel. Now she lives "inside" with Steve and his other dogs as a member of his loving family. Rosie is just one of our 800+ success stories...