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Pit Bull Rescue and Sanctuary


Our adoption process...

Thank you for choosing to adopt your new best friend! Every time one dog is adopted from Measle's Animal Haven Pit Bull Rescue and Sanctuary, it allows us to save the life of another dog.

To get started, we will ask that you fill out our brief questionnaire below and we'll set up a meet and greet for the dog(s) you are interested in. Please copy our adoption application (below), paste it into an email, fill it out, and email it to us. 

NOTE: We are all volunteers, so it may take up to a week to process your application.

Our goal is to provide adopters with the best possible adopter-dog match and we will work with you to find a dog that is right for your situation. Most of the our rescued dogs live in multi-dog foster homes, and enjoy the company of other well-matched dogs. Most live with and love children, and some even like cats. We are happy to assist with family pet introductions.

When you are ready to move forward with an adoption, we will arrange a home delivery to help your new family member get settled in with you.  This will give you and the dog a chance to interact, and also allow you to see how the the dog might fit in with the rest of your family and any other pets. We are always happy to provide resources, support, and education for the lifetime of your dog.

All of our rescued dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, up-to-date on vaccinations, and crate-trained prior to adoption. We ask you to sign an adoption contract when the adoption is finalized, in which you agree that if you ever need to give up your adopted dog, you will return him/her to us. We don't want to see any of our babies in a kill shelter ever again--we want them to be safe and happy for life.

We do not charge adoption fees, because we prefer that you spend your money on your new pet.

"Pit bull" is not actually a breed of dog, but rather a label that is often given to blocky-headed dogs. Visual breed identification in dogs is unreliable, and we have never rescued a dog with pedigree papers. So, for most of our dogs, we can only guess at their predominant breed or breed mix. We get to know each dog as an individual and will do our best to describe each of our dogs based on personality, not by breed label.



Measle’s Animal Haven Adoption Application


Full name: _____________________________________________ Birth Date:____________

Maiden name or other variations: _____________________________________________

Full Name of Spouse/Partner: ______________________________ Birth Date:____________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

City:____________________ State:________ ZIP: _________ County: ______________

Home phone:_____________ Work phone:____________ Cell phone:________________

Do you live in a House:___ Apartment:___ Duplex:___ Mobile Home:___ Condo:___
Do you   Own:____  Rent:____  Lease to own: ____  Other (please specify): ___________

If you rent OR lease – what is your landlord’s name and phone number? _________________________________________________________________________

How long have you lived at the above address?___________________________________

Place of employment?_________________________ Occupation_____________________

What is the name of the dog you are interested in adopting? _________________________

How many hours each day will this dog be left home alone? _________________________

Where do you plan to keep your dog during the day?    (check all that apply)

Indoor only___ Outdoor only___ Indoor/outdoor___ Dog run___ Yard___ Other________

Will pet be crated? ________  If crated, how many hours per day? ____ At night? _______

How big is your yard? ____________________ Is it all fenced in? ___________________

Please describe your yard: Grass___ Pool___ Landscaping___ Mulch___ Deck___

Fence type: Chain link___ Wood___ No fence___ Invisible______  Fence height________

How are fence gates secured? ______________________ Are they locked? ____________

If you have no fence, how will you exercise your pet? __________________________

How many children live with you? ____________________________________________

Please list ages of children: _________________________________________________

How many children visit you regularly (include ages)?____________________________

Do you have any roommates?  If so, how many? ________________________________

Describe pets that YOU or YOUR CURRENT PARTNER (adult who lives with you) have owned in the past ten years (do not include childhood pets or pets owned by your parents):


Name and Type of pet







Kept Inside/Outside?

How long



What happened to pet?



















































Have you ever sold, surrendered, or given away a pet? (If yes, please explain in detail) ____


If your pet did have a behavior problem, what would you do? ___________________________

How much time are you willing to give this pet to adjust to its new environment and family

members? _________________________________________________________________

This animal may not be housebroken or may be only partly housebroken. Are you willing to take the time to work with him/her? __________________________________________________   

If yes, how would you react if this pet had a potty accident in the house? __________


A newly adopted dog or cat may want to spend as much time with his/her new family as possible during their transition into your home (and this a normal part of the animal-human bonding process). Your new pet may want to sit on the sofa or sleep in bed with you. How do you feel about this? ________________________________________________________________

If your new pet wants to be on your furniture, how will you handle this? _______________


Do you plan to seek obedience training?__________________________________________

Who is the veterinarian or veterinarians who have provided care for your current and previous pets?______________________________________________________________________

Veterinarian phone number(s): _________________________________________________

Name on the veterinary account: ________________________________________________

What reasons would cause you to consider giving your adopted pet back to Measle’s Animal

Haven, or cause you to no longer be willing to commit to him/her? (check all that apply)

 ___ Job change (increased work hours, longer commute time, change of schedule, loss of job/income), career change, or decision to attend/return to college

___ Living situation changes (move to new home, move in with spouse/partner/parents, obtain roommate(s))

___ You move to an area/home that will not allow your pet or your pet is banned

___ Someone in your household develops allergies to your pet(s)

___ You get married, separated, or divorced, or have/adopt a child

___ Pet chews on inappropriate items or is destructive when not supervised

___ Pet has housebreaking or crate training problems

___ Pet has behavioral problems such as separation anxiety, etc.

___ Pet does not get along with your current pets

___ Proper veterinary care is too expensive or becomes too expensive

___ Pet develops health conditions in the future

 Thank you for your interest in adopting! Our goal in rescuing animals is to provide them with a loving home for the rest of their lives. The adoption fee covers part of the medical costs associated with this animal. All animals rescued by MAH are spayed/neutered prior to adoption.