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success stories

We have successfully rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed more than 800+ dogs (and cats) since 2005. This is our success story "highlight reel".....


Rosie (formerly named "White Bitch" by the dogfighter that owned her) was rescued in 2012. Her former owner forced Rosie to produce many puppies (destined to fight and die) and she suffered brain damage and a crushed hind leg that was never fixed. She lived on a heavy chain tethered outside 24/7/365 to a rusty barrel.

Now she lives "inside" with "her" human and his other dogs as a member of his loving family.

Rosie is one of the many pit bulls we have rescued that was horribly abused and neglected by humans, but she still loves all humans.

As well, Rosie is a shining example of the many pitties we have rescued who were forced to "fight" other dogs, but who actually love other dogs.  


NOTE: This page is under construction...more success stories will be added but in the meantime, please click here for some of our rescued animals (now in forever homes)!