Measle's Animal Haven

Pit Bull Rescue and Sanctuary

PIT FIX program

We LOVE pit bulls but there are already too many unwanted and stray pit bulls dying every day!! For this reason, when funding is available, Measle’s Animal Haven Pit Bull Rescue and Sanctuary offers free spay or neuter surgeries for pit bulls and pit bull mixes owned by Central Ohio residents. Additionally, we offer pit bull education and counseling for pit bull owners on an ongoing basis.

Please be a responsible owner!! If your dog is “fixed,” you will never have to worry about him/her having puppies, running away to chase a dog in heat, or getting cancer of the reproductive organs.

We will “fix” (spay/neuter) your pit bull(s) for FREE (rabies shot included, if needed).

For information on how to make an appointment for this free program, please e-mail us.


Or, if you want to donate toward the PIT FIX program: