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our sanctuary dogs

What is a "Sanctuary Dog"? These are the dogs that will live at the rescue forever. These dogs tend to suffer from major health problems, extreme shyness or dog-aggression, or they are simply senior citizens. Our foster families love these dogs and care for them until it is their time to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Measle's Animal Haven Pit Bull Rescue and Sanctuary provides permanent sanctuary (in our loving foster homes) for dogs that are not adoptable because of an incurable medical problem or unfixable behavioral issue. We are committed to keeping each dog we rescue safe and happy for their lifetime and for some dogs that means that they need to stay forever in our foster homes.

PLEASE NOTE: Over time, our dedication to this philosophy means that our foster homes house fewer "adoptable" dogs and more "sanctuary" dogs. This philosophy is, by definition, "no kill."


These are a just a few of our beloved sanctuary dogs...

Jackie Joe is waiting for his loving foster mother Diana at the Rainbow Bridge. We rescued Jackie Joe from a rural county dog pound. His owner had died and her 11 poodles were dumped at the pound by her family. All were adopted except Jackie, who no one wanted because he was ancient, matted, and blind. His eyes had been previously removed because of ocular cancer, which had metastasized by the time we rescued him. Our veterinarian debulked the tumor that was growing into his brain and Jackie underwent radiation to further shrink the tumor. And after that Jackie thrived. Because of our concern that the cancer might return and because of his special needs (blindness, old age), Jackie Joe lived with Diana and her family for several more years, happy and spunky, being doted on and adored. We miss you, Jackie!!
Lilygirl was found when she was barely one year old, starved and terrified of humans, especially men. We coaxed her out of her shell and she has come a long way. She trusts "her" humans now and loves them, plays with other dogs and cats, and is very happy. She is very confident and secure in her foster home but despite many attempts to build her confidence outside the home and show her that the world is not a terrifying place, sweet Lily has PTSD from the early abuse and neglect that she suffered, and she cannot shake her fear of "outside." Therefore, Lily we made the decision that she needs to live in her loving foster home forever.

is a senior Pom, who was dumped at a local shelter. He is one of the cutest little fuzzballs we've ever known, and he has tons of personality! Shortly after we rescued him, Ollie's foster Mom noticed that he was having mini-seizures. Subsequent veterinary testing has confirmed that he has age-related neurological difficulties, and we made the decision to keep him in his loving foster home to ensure that his foster Mom and the rescue could always provide the care that he needs.