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These dogs (and many more not pictured) have been rescued by Measle's Animal Haven Pit Bull Rescue. Please help make their days a bit brighter.

How can you help? 1. Select a dog you would like to sponsor. 2. Click the Donate button, and make a donation through Paypal or with a credit card.

Then, please email us and let us know which dog you would like to sponsor and the wording you would like used when listing your sponsorship. No donation is too small! Once a dog has been sponsored, a tag listing the sponsor will be added above the dog's picture.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, any donation to us is tax deductible (as allowed by applicable laws). In case you need it, our IRS tax ID is 20-4802565. Like most small tax-exempt organizations whose annual gross receipts are normally $50,000.00 or less, Measle's Animal Haven is required required by law to electronically submit Form 990-N to the IRS on an annual basis. You can access all of our yearly tax returns (form 990-N) here:;jsessionid=O656Z8zX07ytizM9hAn+Yg__?ein1=204802565&names=&city=&state=OH&zipCode=&country=US&dispatchMethod=searchEpostcard&submitName=Search


Or, if you prefer, our mailing address is: Measle's Animal Haven P.O. BOX 4142 Dublin, OH 43016



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Sponsored By:
Luke, Alisha, Franky, and Dino Westerman


Sponsored By:
Cindy Guyette ~
Happy Birthday with love, from your daughter Kaitlin, in honor of Zoey


Coco Chanel

Coco is a petite beauty who was rescued by a Good Samaritan. She is a little bundle of joy!

She is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever known. She loves dogs, cats, kids. She is truly a diamond in the RUFF!!!



Thomas the Tank Engine

TomTom is an adult male - available now for adoption! He is a 3 year old American Staffordshire Terrier. Thomas was one of the 500 dogs taken in a giant dog-fighting bust in Missouri in 2009 (click here for more info) and we got Thomas through the U.S. Department of Justice. Thomas loves cuddling, walks, kids, and cats. He is too pushy for most dogs, though.  



Lainey is a senior adult female - available now for adoption!

She is 9-10 years old but is very active. She loves kids, adults, and cats, but does not like other dogs. Poor Lainey was adopted out to a family in 2006 and came back to us in 2012 because her family had gotten a new dog and Lainey didn't like him. So they kept the new dog and gave away their "old" dog. Grrrr! Will you be her forever family?


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Brutus Buckeye

Brutus came to us as a horrible

abuse/neglect he is living the best life ever, basking in the love of his forever family!  


Morgan is a young adult. She was surrendered right before Christmas by a single mother who had lost her home and car and had to move in with family who wouldn't allow their dogs. Morgan was living outside 24/7 and was freezing to death. Now she is warm and happy in her forever home.


Gizmo is a senior Chihuahua who was dumped at a shelter by his owners when he became incontinent (because of old age). In this video he is looking a bit befuddled, not sure what's going on with the camera. Gizmo is also very incontinent. He is a permanent sanctuary dog.

Sponsored By:
Regina and Cheryl Vincent


Sponsored By:
Michael Storm and Margi Chappell in loving memory of Jazz


Sponsored By:
Michael Storm and Margi Chappell in loving memory of Jazz




Lilygirl is an adult female -

who had a very rough life before we rescued her. She still does not fully trust most people but she loves her sanctuary family. She is a permanent resident in one of our loving foster homes as one of our sanctuary dogs.




Fancy is an adult female who we rescued from a backyard breeder (she was forced to live in a squalid cage outside and bred to produce many litters sold for illegal drugs). She is now spayed, fat, and happy in her INSIDE loving forever home!




Phoenix (FiFi) is an adult female who was found starved almost to death, so emaciated that the fleas had left her cold body to find a "living" host. She is now completely healthy and in love with all humans and dogs!  

Sponsored By:
Michael Storm and Margi Chappell in loving memory of Jazz



Bogart (aka Goofball)

Adult male found as an emaciated stray. Now happy and healthy in his loving forever home!! 



Adult male seized from a dogfighting ring. Now happy in his forever home.



One of our "Christmas litter" in 2006. Pictured here at 9 weeks old, Comet now lives with his mother and brothers in a loving forever home. 


Susie Q

Female rescued in 2006. Now living out her golden years with her loving forever family. 



9 years-male - adopted!! 


Anna Banana

1 year-female - adopted!! 


Found as an adult by a Columbus Police Officer, Chance was so emaciated that he could not stand. Now, years later, he is living out his golden years with his loving forever family. 



Noelle was the mother of our 2006 "Christmas litter." She came to us very pregnant and now lives with three of her sons in a loving forever home. 


Adult male rescued by one of our wonderful volunteers. Now in a loving forever home! 



Padme was a much loved adult female who came to us in her senior years. Her family lost their home and needed a safe place for Pad to live out the rest of her life. Her last years were spent happy and loved with her foster family as one of our sanctuary dogs. Sweet Pad has now passed on to the Rainbow Bridge where we know she is playing with her BFF Teddybear (Akita mix).

Brutus Buckeye

Brutus came to us as a horrible

abuse/neglect he is living the best life ever, basking in the love of his forever family! 


She was rescued as a tiny 2 month old puppy - now she is an adult thriving in her forever home!